A seasoned performance improvement and strategy thought leader and lifelong learner with experience in the e-commerce, technology, hospitality, and retail industries. Areas of expertise at Zappos include leading large-scale change in culture and process, training, organizational development, and advising leaders with communications and roll-out strategies that drive success of technical and social projects of all sizes. Some highlights include developing and implementing performance management systems and introducing EI/EQ (emotional intelligence) as a discipline across the whole company.

Concentration on career progression, performance and compensation processes and policies has ramped up considerably with Zappos taking sweeping steps to drive self-management and self-organization. Enabling and empowering leaders in a workplace without managers is a current large-scale challenge.

Actively involved with ATD and SHRM at both national and local levels to stay abreast of best practices that benefit my organization. Honorably serving on ATD teams that evaluate and maintain all aspects of the CPLP certification process from requirements through testing materials, processes and work product requirements.

Serving as a Search & Rescue Mission Pilot and Nevada Wing Chief of Staff with the Civil Air Patrol give provide great opportunities to organize accountable teams and facilitate learning and performance while driving results that benefit, both, the members and my community. Proud to serve, on call, as an Incident Commander for state Dept. of Emergency Management overseeing air and some ground resources for search and rescue activities. Motivating a volunteer workforce in this area to interface with local and national government resources, to benefit the community, is challenging and rewarding.