No matter how open-minded and observant you are,  you are still susceptible to distortions in what you see and act upon based on your inherent biases and beliefs. There’s a term for this: It’s called being Human! Most of the times we get by just fine based on our inner wisdom and experience but Leading teams is actually a complex activity and sometimes our intuition let us down.

TeamX backs up your best gut feel with data derived from our powerful A.I. algorithm.

Of course the algorithm will not substitute your best judgment but will be an invaluable partner to increase the effectiveness of your decisions.

As Professor Kahneman, 2002 Nobel Prize Winner, stated at 2016 Warthon’s People Analytics Conference “Use algorithms!”.

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Now with artificial intelligence we have powerful people decision support systems available for leaders.

What is artificial intelligence?

The Artificial Intelligence Algorithm is the core processor of TeamX. It uses the most powerful Machine Learning Algorithms and expert thoughts to reach high levels of accuracy on team performance prediction. The Algorithm is coded entirely in Python, using external library like Numpy, Scipy and Scikit-Learn and it is based on our international database of 80,000 people.