You are an engineer,  a scientist,  a creative designer,  a financial analyst or  whatever your field is.  That is your chosen profession and you have been well-trained and educated to do it. You have a robust set of tools and resources to support you.

Then they ask you to lead a team.  You agree, jump right in and get things organized.  As you progress, you realize there is more to leading a team than you originally realized. Mostly, when leading your team you are flying by the seat of your pants, relying on limited experience, some data and “gut feel”.  Through trial and error, maybe a bit of training and a useful article or two, you figure things out. It takes time and, sometimes, results in painful situations. You simply do not have the sophisticated tools and resources that are available for you in your chosen profession.

TEAMX changes all of that. TEAMX empowers leaders through just-in-time information about the team’s characteristics, people’s mood, and perception of performance and, most critical, expert suggestions on best steps to take based on the artificial intelligence algorithm that is at the heart of the TeamX simulation engine.

TEAMX provides the toolkit and guidance that takes the guesswork out of Team Leadership. A snapshot of the team competencies and brain styles, like the one that you have in the FORMREPORT, is useful to think about what you can do as a leader in order to have the best team effectiveness. The collection of the team sentiment, the STORMREPORT, is a way to keep focus on people perceptions and get early warnings about what is going on in the team. The WAYreport gives you insights about people perceptions of performance vs. an international benchmark. The NORMREPORT provides you expert suggestions about what are the three competencies or dynamics to improve in order to have the maximum increase of effectiveness, based on the artificial intelligence algorithm. In addition, in the PERFORMREPORT you can see the impact of this three suggestions on others important outcomes like team speed, confidence about future success or professional growth.

The software is available in English and in Italian!

TEAMX is designed with you, the Team Leader, in mind. It enables you to be as proficient and professional in leading your team as you are in all other aspects of your job.