Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach focused on accelerated Leader and Team Development

Advanced Programs in Change and Personal Mastery, Communications and Conflict Management.


Accelerated Leadership Development:
Advising and coaching senior leaders and executive teams in the area of strategy development, implementation and empowering people to be and do their best.

Cross-functional Strategic Initiatives:
Bringing together diverse parts of the organization and driving them towards alignment of purpose, shared vision, common goals and a clear direction / plan for success.

Performance Management:
Facilitating the design, development and implementation of Performance Management Systems that align the organizational and team goals to individual performance.

Specialties: Hanley Brite has 30 years of experience as an executive mentor, adult educator and consultant. His mission is to help organizations achieve business success through focused and principled leadership, strategic action, authentic communication and effective decision-making.

Over the last few years, Hanley has focused on IT and Technical Professional Service Organizations in the areas of CIO Staff Team Coaching, Employee Engagement and Talent Development.