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    The Team Relationship Management Tool.

    An on going process to discover your team's strengths, increase effectiveness and keep focused on people.

  • Vision

    Be better together.

    Our Vision is to support collaborative and transparent cultures to work better and stay better together inside organizations.

  • Mission

    To make team performance serious and simple.

    Our Mission is translating the most Advanced Scientific Research in Practical Tools to improve the team performance.


What about TeamX

The beginning of TeamX – Intelligence for Team Performance!

What came out of a meeting in Google in 2013 is “People’s competencies do not have any impact on the team performance”. In fact, the “preliminary results” of the Aristotele Project were quite in contrast with the academic literature about team performance. This is the reason why we went deep in that direction and we analyzed an international database with more than 80.000 data.

Here came the idea of a new research that would have created an algorithm that could simulate team performance and give companies a general  solution.

TeamX is

Designed for Leaders

You are an engineer,  a scientist,  a creative designer,  a financial analyst or  whatever your field is.  That is your ...

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There  is  nothing  mystical  about  how  people  behave in team settings.  The most current research in brain science  ...

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What about TeamX

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

No matter how open-minded and observant you are,  you are still susceptible to distortions in what you see and act upon ...

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What is a team? Is it simply a sum of individuals? We know that when we talk about people 1+1 could be equals 1, 2 or 3 ...

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TeamX Reports

We are proud to present you the TeamX Simulator!

Click on 1, 2, 3  to see the tutorial or Skip to go directly to the simulator.

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Our Team

Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman

For over a decade Joshua has led organizations and people to higher performance by helping them use emotions more effect...
Giulia Baroni

Giulia Baroni

Giulia is a Management Engineer and she is really interested in understanding and managing people. She thinks that wor...
Hanley Brite

Hanley Brite

Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach focused on accelerated Leader and Team Development Seminars: Advanced Pr...
Massimiliano Ghini

Massimiliano Ghini

Massimiliano Ghini is a Core Faculty Member at Bologna Business School, Director at MGMTLAB.eu - People Intelligence and...
Giacomo Nottoli

Giacomo Nottoli

People Analytics Expert, Organizational Consultant, Graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Bologna. S...
Richard Hazeltine

Richard Hazeltine

A seasoned performance improvement and strategy thought leader and lifelong learner with experience in the e-commerc...


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